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Todd is Georgia's funniest folk artist. His work is stunning and provocative ... and a lot of it's just downwright kooky and hilarious, too.

Action Jackson Art has been a five-time Atlanta Journal-Constitution "Deal Spotter" profile.  In January, Todd was profiled in an extensive interview by one of America's most prestigious artist's web sites, The Art Colony.

Art Colony Profile

Todd's highly original and deeply engaging paintings and multi-media art is rich in humor, as well as school, religious, and social insight, and can be viewed at ... 

  Action Jackson Art

Todd's extremely astute sense of humor was recently recognised by the hugely popular vintage art and humor site, Anne Taintor, Inc., in the wildly competitive monthly "Caption Contest."  

For his hilarious contributions, he's now been signed by Anne Taintor as a freelance caption writer.  See Todd's hilarious, winning caption for December as well as his honorable mention at ...

"Sweetheart, it's time I shared a secret with you ..."