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September 11

Malmsey is great; Sercial is better, but give me the vintage brewed around Metter.  One swig and a smell, and a drinker has quaffed the water of hell.  The nectar of the gods came from the vine, but what can compare with Georgia moonshine?

—“Madeira and Moonshine,” by Alexander A. Lawrence


Dear Dixie,

Found on my desk late today was a jar of jelly.  Nora Mill Granary Georgia Moonshine Jelly, from Gilligan, and a yellow sticky note.  His words ...

This if for you Todd.  Cus your my faivorihc teacher. 


I’ll be damned.  He’s making a solid F in class and I ride him hard but with an understanding touch.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but you’d just have to be there.  I give Gilligan all I’ve got, and he gives me back a jar of moonshine-flavored jelly. 

It’s a square deal.  A struggling child’s affection.  What can compare?



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