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May 28

Well by and by way after ... many years have gone.  And all the war freaks die off ... leavin’ us alone.  We’ll raise our children in the peaceful way we can.  It’s up to you and me brother to try and try again.

—“Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More,” by the Allman Brothers Band


Dear Dixie,

And on the very last day of being at school before the teachers get to take two and a half months off and finally get our dry cleaning caught up, I’ll give you my most deepest summation … my belief about school and children and teachers and teaching and what it all really means. 

What it means is real simple and easy to understand: I deeply believe children are the most-most important people in the world.  They are, and always will be, and always have been.  I knew that the first day of school. 

I remember exactly when I learned it.  Yeehaw.  It was 8 ’o clock in the morning way back on August 12, when we were all walking into the schoolhouse, hoping we’d learn something new.





Thank you for reading my diary.  And thank you for understanding these special kids like I do, and always will.  Never fergit that either.

TODD SENTELL, Somewhere in Dixie