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May 12

Everyone should be interested in keeping Georgia clean.  What can you do to help?

Georgia, by Elmer D. Williams


Dear Dixie,

So after 8th graders finish the textbook and a week of vexillology blows their minds … what’s the next logical and brain-numbing subject to entertain them with! 

Exactly … citizenship!

First, we came up with what we thought was a great definition of citizenship as it related to 14 and 15 year olds … folks who aren’t driving three thousand pound death machines around yet.  I told them their comfy world will change real quick when the state patrolman leans into your driver’s-side window for the first time.  That arguing with him before he opens his mouth, unlike how you treat your teachers from time to time, will be a super big and memorable moment for you.  Enjoy!

I think I have their attention.

Here’s our comfy definition of what a good citizen is: A good citizen obeys the laws, has respect for his country, and attempts to meet the community’s expectations.

Good stuff.  We decided that community means the whole world since some of their parents are real rich and get to travel to foreign countries, like on cruises through the Bahamas.

Next, we all worked real hard to come up with a bunch of characteristics of what makes a good 14 or 15 year old citizen.  Here’s what we came up with: Don’t litter … Don’t loiter … Don’t trespass … Take care of your pets and be responsible for their behavior … Do the safe thing … Report crime and the suspicious or dangerous behavior of other people … Respect others’ property … Don’t vandalize … Obey pedestrian laws … Obey cycling laws … Learn and understands all laws … Don’t cuss in public … Don’t shoplift or steal anything that’s no yours … Recycle when you can … No PDA.

Could there be a whole lot more?  Sure.  But I don’t want to overwhelm them and they don’t want to overwhelm themselves because they know this list and definition is actually the test.  In other words, the test is them regurgitating the list and the definition from memory.  But they’re looking at me like they’ll never have any fun now. 

I said you will, and it’s called college.



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