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March 12

With time, the ranks of Georgia’s “Old Guard” dwindled until there was but one.

—Remembering Georgia’s Confederates, by Dr. David Wiggins


Dear Dixie,

I don’t know how it happens even though it happens all the time but I’ll be sitting at my desk in the front or at my desk in the back all alone late in the afternoon and all of a sudden I’ll look over to my left or to my right and there’s Clark.  Standing there smiling. 

Clark the seventh grader who says he can’t wait for my Georgia history class next year.  Clark has a famous and historic relative.  Historic in Georgia, that is.  So historic the man is written about in our textbook.  There’s a picture of him in there, too. 

Clark wanted to tell me to tell everyone that he’s not his ancestor … that he’s Clark and his ancestor is a totally different human being.  That everybody’s driving him crazy saying he’s famous.  He’s not famous.  His ancestor is famous.  Okay?

I said okay, Clark… no problemo … I’ve got your back on that … and then I asked him has he ever seen the part of the textbook concerning his famous relative and his picture.


I grabbed the textbook and opened it up.  I showed Clark the picture of the famous man he's related to.

Clark made a small noise in his throat, as if he was suddenly moved.

I think he was.  That’s him, I said.  You look just like him … or he looks just like you.

I don’t think so, Clark said.

You look alike.  It’s easy to see.

Finally, Clark said … We do sort of look alike.

I told him … You’re both smiling.  You … are always smiling and that's much appreciated.  You have a famous smile, too.

Clark reached down and touched the picture.  Clark pulled his hand back and he said … I just touched history, didn’t I?



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