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August 18

People can you feel it?  Love is everywhere.

—“Revival,” by the Allman Brothers Band


Dear Dixie,

I got a new kid in 5th period today.  His name is Herman and I was surprised he wasn’t too bug-eyed looking at us looking back at him but he wasn’t saying much either.  After a while he started answering a whole bunch of geography-related questions—correctly—and I let him know how impressed I was and how proud I was of him.  Anyway, he said he already knew Ramona. 

Ramona said they met in the hood. 

I forgot about giving him his textbook, and when I gave out textbooks the first day of class I made a loud and big deal out of it.  I called them up to The Lectern of Speaking by their full name and handed the book over as if they were receiving a college diploma and I shook their hands and I made everybody clap. 

I did all that with Herman today.  Come to find out he got book number 1 and I could tell that all the kids thought that was pretty neat for some new kid who walks into class during the second week of school to get book number 1.



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