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April 27

It was fitting that Washington gave his famous speech in Georgia, for in no other southern state did evidence of a progressive spirit and a disposition toward primitive behavior appear in such a startling juxtaposition.

—Georgia Odyssey, by James C. Cobb


Dear Dixie,

Reminisces of a one-day field trip to our nation's capital submitted.  Over coffee, I zipped through them.

Claude titled his essay, MY SUPER MUSEUM ADVENTURE.  He said the final exhibit he visited in the National Air & Space Museum made him gasp.

Beauregard wrote that the favorite thing from the spy museum was learning some useful tips about how to evade security.  Like how to avoid being caught on video and by avoiding ATMs and high tourist areas and to also avoid banks that have multiple security cameras and guards.  Also, Beauregard noted, as a spy, you should only show up at the airport close to take-off time.

Hap says he and Elmo were partners in the amazing flight simulator.  It cost only eight bucks.  Hap says Elmo was the pilot and he was the co-pilot.

Fatima was intrigued by the lipstick pistol she saw at the International Spy Museum.  She said this spy tool would be used on missions if the spy was a girl.

Elmo wrote that he really had fun with Hap in the flight simulator spinning around and hanging upside down together.

Boog was excited about going into a flight simulator, but he says he quickly discovered it makes you want to throw up and get out.  Boog said this was his third time going to the National Air & Space Museum.  Boog titled his essay, WASHINGTON, D.C. … PART TRIOS.

Elmo also said that after his experience in the International Spy Museum that he started to get suspicious of everyone around him.  He wrote that he learned a lot about spies and what it takes to become a spy but found it pretty scary that spies were nearby.  Elmo also said he was impressed that someone could make a gun out of an umbrella.  Elmo pondered in his essay, Who would know?

Frank noted that Elmo and Jimmy Joe spent the night at his house before they all met at the airport in order to get a ride to the airport.  Frank wrote that Claude didn’t spend the night but he came over for a while and trashed his house.  Frank said … You know how Claude is.  Frank, in detailing a number of sentiments about seeing Abraham Lincoln’s top hat left behind at Ford’s Theater after he was assassinated, and now in a case on display at the National Museum of American History, concluded that it is cool to see and know that’s a hat Abraham Lincoln once wore on his head.  Frank titled his essay, IS THAT REALLY LINCOLN’S HAT?!

As for Jimmy Joe’s field-trip-to-Washington, D.C. essay thoughts … I don’t know.  He didn’t turn one in.



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