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April 15

One woman noted in a letter to the Atlanta Daily Herald that members of her party enjoyed this energetic style of lecture since “the description given by the keeper is impressed upon our mind in such a way that we do not soon forget it.”

—The Big Tent: The Traveling Circus in Georgia, by Gregory J. Renoff


Dear Dixie,

You remember I told you I’m helping Helena out with the track meets and yesterday afternoon was the junior varsity regional championship.  Elbows and knees … going as fast and as high as they can.  And you remember at the track meets I use the school's track and field team official megaphone so everybody can know real well how high and how fast their child went.  You put that thing up to your lips and squeeze that trigger and fire out words that crackle like lightening.

I thought to bring it to class today.  I thought to use it in class.  By talking into it.  The megaphone.

And now I’d like to offer up to my friends in the teaching business that the greatest tool for teaching eighth graders Georgia History is available at Radio Shack.  It’s the AmpliVox S602M 25W Piezo megaphone with a detachable mic. 

The model number is S602M and the catalog number is 55025884.  There’s also a switch you may accidentally push—twice—that makes the megaphone produce an extremely loud siren sound.  Let’s make that: siren brain-melting blast.  I cannot tell you how loud this siren brain-melting blast is, but if you wanted to get the attention of some kids in Afghanistan while you were teaching Georgia History in the United States back over across the Atlantic Ocean then this is the switch you’d push on the AmpliVox S602M 25W Piezo megaphone with a detachable mic.

Georgia History spoken through a megaphone.  The genius of it boggles the mind.

By the way, the greatest teaching tool on Earth for inattentive school kids costs only $109.99.  It’s worth every single nickel.  Their extremely attentive expressions today were worth priceless Confederate bills.



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